The Longest Run Australia – (Hills stream SA)

This last Sunday the 24th June SA had its first annual (hopefully) Longest Run.


This is held on the shortest day of the year (or as close as practical) and is run on the same courses that are used for parkruns but is not affiliated in any way. You run on 7 parkrun courses starting at or around dawn and finishing at around sunset.

The way SA ran it this year the first 3 runs you could pick from one of 3 “streams” North, Hills or Beaches. After those runs, everyone would join up and do the last 5 runs.

People were free to do as many of few of the runs as they could do. After finishing a run people were encouraged to wait for all the runners to finish to cheer them on.

I decided to experience as many new runs as possible and do the Hills stream. The longest I have “run” before this was a 1/2 Marathon (with lots of walking) so 35km in one day even with breaks was going to be hard.

Longest Run #1StrathalbynStrava

Arrived in the dark and fog and chatted about the who was doing what and from where. The hill group was quite small, apparently, the Cleland run scared off even the some of the locals to do other streams.

The first run went well the course unusual to me going out and back twice legs were fine this was an easy run.

Longest Run #2Mount BarkerStrava


The fog was still around but made for some nice views of the wetlands until my glasses fogged up, nice bitumen path and well signposted. The course was also surprisingly flat. Run was still easy.

Longest Run #3ClelandStrava

Waiting for the this one to start of this one was cold, and I was dreading the elevation changes in this one, as my only experience with Cleland have been doing the nearby Water View Gully to Mount Lofty summit that up and that is around 7-8Km but after that I’m done for the day and it is mostly walking.

Surprisingly it ended up not being too bad (there was some walking) and I didn’t do the loop on the way back so ran past the finish to get to my 5km. I will be coming back to do this correctly as an official parkrun.

Oh, and the view at the turn around point is great. (another reason to go back to get some pictures).

Longest Run #4LochielStrava

This one was a disaster on my part as I arrived late after lunch and couldn’t find the course so started running. After doing 3km I found the start/finish by following the sound of cheering. Ran out another km on the course and back into the finish. Would be nice to do again and to the actual course along the River Torrens.

Longest Run #5 – TorrensStrava

This was an interesting run as it is one that I would not normally do as they have way too many people doing the run for my comfort. apparently, they have more than one variation of the course and we did the “Brewrun” as we went past the West End Brewery. Harder to run now but still going ok.

Longest Run #6Largs Bay Strava

This course was along the path near the beach.

This is the point where it was getting hard, I had to convince myself to run at the start, and there was a patch of walking around the halfway mark (just before the second turn around) and managed to run again after the turnaround.

Longest Run #7West Beach Strava

At this point my aim was to finish, luck had been with us with a great day other than the fog in the morning there was no rain or wind and that was good for the last to runs.

This run starts on the path near the beach then run inland along the river until the turn around point. But by this time I was stuffed, but I had run 6 runs even if I had to walk the entire way I was going to complete all 7.

I managed to run for the first 2km then had to drop into walking then running again. At this point I was all over a little sore, I wasn’t out of breath, my heart rate was not too high my legs just didn’t have the energy anymore. I did manage to pull some energy from somewhere to do the last nearly 500m running but was very glad when it was over.

Post Race
Photos with the other 6 people that did all 7 of the hills runs more photos with others then off to the surf lifesaving club for dinner. The dinner was greater and felt good to get food into me and know there was no more running.


Oh and shout out to the “madman” on the right (above) that kept running extra at each run so he would do 50km for the day

Next day

Legs are a little saw but less than expected. more surprisingly my right shoulder was sore the next day.

I need to do some of these runs as actual parkruns now, and maybe others in the state.

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