Google why! Open Letter

Dear Google,

Why does play music not like “Apps for Work and Education” accounts for family subscriptions?

I could not upgrade my account for google play music to a family account the option did not appear at all, I phoned google they were stumped for a while then figured out I had a  “Apps for Work and Education” that I use for family emails in the domain and that was why I could not upgrade.

I was told I could sign up a gmail account for the family account and then invite my existing accounts.

Ok tried that but get the following.

so I can setup users by using new gmail account for just music and youtube that’s not too bad right?

Ok then I need 2 accounts one for my youtube channel account and one for me and organise all the subs and watched.

And I also have to start all the music favorites from scratch and upload music again.



It shouldn’t be a technical issue as I can have an individual account with Youtube Red and Google Play just not a family account.

And all the app purchases as well….



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