Google why! Open Letter

Dear Google,

Why does play music not like “Apps for Work and Education” accounts for family subscriptions?

I could not upgrade my account for google play music to a family account the option did not appear at all, I phoned google they were stumped for a while then figured out I had a  “Apps for Work and Education” that I use for family emails in the domain and that was why I could not upgrade.

I was told I could sign up a gmail account for the family account and then invite my existing accounts.

Ok tried that but get the following.

so I can setup users by using new gmail account for just music and youtube that’s not too bad right?

Ok then I need 2 accounts one for my youtube channel account and one for me and organise all the subs and watched.

And I also have to start all the music favorites from scratch and upload music again.



It shouldn’t be a technical issue as I can have an individual account with Youtube Red and Google Play just not a family account.

And all the app purchases as well….




Angus from Makers Muse start the hash tag #3DPrintingOnYoutube . He asked the following questions:

  1. What was the first thing you 3D printed?
    Calibration Cube (doesn’t everyone)!  But after that parts to hold the filament tubes in my CTC printer as the tubes had to be constantly be monitored before that or break or jam the filament
  2. A Popular 3D printer that you don’t like.
    From reputation and price the Makerbot 5th Gens.
  3. A popular 3D printer that every one else seems to hate but you love.
    There seems to be a lot of flack given to the CTC printers as being a bit cheap and nasty, but the prints I have been getting have been quite nice and it has been a great first printer, and introduction as to what I should be looking for in the next printer.
  4. Must-have 3D printing gadget?
    Octopi! Link
  5. Best free or low-cost 3D printing software?
    Cura, bud I am looking a Simplify3D I do wish there was a demo (this will most likely wait until my next 3D Printer).
  6. Best 3D printing tip
    Print slowly before you try printing fast.

Some Questions I would add:

  1. Must have printing tools?

    • Hobby knife
    • Gluestick
    • Small Files (for print cleanup)
    • Hook and pick set Link
    • Allen Keys
    • Putty Knife/scraper to get the item off the build plate.
  2. Current printer(s) and next printer(s) if you want more? If its different why?
    Current Printer is a CTC Dual (Makerbot replicator Clone), the next Printer I am looking at is a Wanhao Duplicator i3.  The reasons for this printer are:

    • Bigger build area
    • Built in PLA cooling fan
    • standard Gcode to make it work better with Cura and Octopi.
    • Metal Frame.
  3. Favorite Filament Type (PLA/ABS etc)?
    Mostly use PLA due to ease of printing and not needing an enclosure.  I use ABS occasionally if I need the heat resistance e.g. for a car mount.
  4. Build Surface?
    Current build surface is Glass with Glue stick but I just broke my current plate (was using 8x10inch picture frame glass) so I have ordered a PrintinZ Zebra Plate Link for my current printer and one for the Wanhao that I am planning to by next.
    Painters tape I found would come off the glass (but still be stuck to the print).
    Hair Spray was to hit and miss as to whether it would stick.


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